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Stevie Wonder to pay alimony after divorce

Anyone in Maryland who has gone through a divorce knows that there can be some tricky issues to resolve. Oftentimes, one difficult issue is the determination of spousal support, also commonly known as alimony. In several divorce cases, the respective parties can't come to an agreement as to what amount the monthly payments should be, or how long the alimony payments should last. In such situations, the litigation can become contentious.

Divorce is hard enough - what can you do to help the transition?

Everyone needs a little advice sometimes, right? And one of those times in life when Maryland residents are likely to reach out to someone is during, or after, a divorce. When a marriage reaches the point where divorce is the only option, people can face many different emotions. It can be scary to know that the relationship you have been so proud of and dependent upon is ending, and you will then face the prospect of once again making your way alone - at least for a while.

What do Maryland residents need to know about credit and divorce?

For Maryland residents contemplating divorce, there are probably many questions that need to be answered. A recent post delved into the property division aspect of divorce, questioning the role retirement accounts play in dividing up the marital property.

Should alimony be an issue in Maryland divorces?

From our previous posts, readers can probably tell that there are many different facets to pursuing a divorce in Maryland. The more issues a couple has, the more that must be discussed, parsed through and decided before a divorce can successfully occur. One of those issues can be alimony, which is often a contentious discussion when one former spouse believes they are being required to give financial support to the very person they want to break from.

Family law experts seeing an increase in women paying alimony

People in Montgomery County probably think that when it comes to alimony, it is usually the ex-husband who is paying and the ex-wife who is the recipient. And for many years, that was most likely the case in Maryland and throughout the nation. However, with the increase in the number of women in the workforce, it should come as no surprise that women are increasingly being ordered to pay alimony to their ex-husbands.

Mom plants recorder on son during custody battle

In cases of Maryland divorce where children are involved, custody issues can be one of the most contested issues. Ultimately a judge will rule according to the best interest of the child. As much as a parent may desperately wish to be the primary parent, it is critical to remain cognizant of the fact that a parent's actions can be used against them in the process of litigation.

Spending history: Who gets custody?

An expose put out by the New York Times could have serious ramifications regarding divorce proceedings in Maryland and states across the country. The expose details the abilities of companies, such as Target, to compile detailed analyses of a consumer's spending habits as a means of tracking and predicting said consumer's life cycle events.

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