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Thinking of separating? You may want to do it legally

Usually, when a couple is thinking of divorce, they separate in order to decide if they want to go through with a permanent split or attempt a reconciliation. However, if you and your husband do not want to permanently divorce but need to separation, a court approved separation might be your best option.

Divorcing and splitting your retirement account can be hard

Getting divorced is often an emotional and complex time for people. The later in life you divorce, the more final it may all seem. You may try to take the high road by not asking for your fair share of marital assets, but that could have long-term repercussions on your life. If you are divorcing, you need to ensure that your future and finances are protected. That often means seeking a fair portion of any retirement account you and your spouse have contributed to over the years of your marriage. When splitting assets like retirement accounts, the help of an experienced attorney is invaluable.

Tips for succeeding during and after divorce in Maryland

Divorce is difficult for everyone involved to deal with, especially when the couple has been together for quite some time. Surviving divorce can be done, especially if you prepare for what to expect as it all unfolds. Here are some helpful tips for succeeding during and after divorce in Maryland.

The divorce may be final, but some issues are not

A lot of people look forward to getting that final divorce decree in their hands and knowing that their ordeal--and marriage--are over. But hold off on celebrating too quickly, because a "final" decree isn't always as final as it seems. There are a few common reasons that you can end up back in court.

Considering filing for divorce this month? You're not alone.

A lot of people file for divorce in January. Because no two marriages are alike, the reasons for this will vary widely. Whatever the catalyst for the split, if you've been thinking about divorce for a while, but weren't sure when the right time would come, you won't be alone if you choose the month of January.

Can you change your divorce judgment?

Sometimes final does not really mean final. Such can be the case in a divorce action, as both parties have the right to return to court to challenge the judge's decision under certain circumstances. While not typical in divorce cases, parties do have the right to appeal decisions to appellate courts.

Why may a marriage be void?

A marriage is thought of by the courts as a legally binding contract. That's not nearly as romantic as the general perception of marriage, but that is how the legal system looks at the process to help determine the rights of both parties.

Know your housing options when divorcing

Going through a divorce can take its toll emotionally, but there are plenty of other factors to consider, as well. One of those factors is what should be done with the family home. While in some cases it makes sense for one spouse to keep it, in other cases, it is better for the home to be sold and the spouses to split the proceeds. There isn't any one-size-fit-all solution when it comes to family homes, and each divorce is different. By working closely with an attorney, you and your spouse can determine the best course of action for a family home during divorce. Here are some issues to consider:

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