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Property division more complex in subsequent divorces

When Maryland couples marry early on in life, say, in their 20s, they typically do not have much in terms of assets. They might be fresh out of college and just starting a career. However, when people divorce and get married again in their 40s, 50s or beyond, there is usually more at stake should that marriage also end in divorce. Because of this, it is important for anyone considering a second, third or subsequent marriage to take stock of their assets, and look into a prenuptial agreement.

Property division case goes to the dogs - no joint custody

When Maryland couples divorce, they typically fight over assets such as bank accounts, homes, vehicles and expensive artwork. However, more and more divorces are involving pets, which tend to be treated as property under state laws, despite being treated as members of the family in many households. One recent property division case involving a dog resulted in sole custody for the ex-husband, a veterinarian.

Is student loan debt part of the marital property?

When a divorce reaches the property division stage of the proceedings, a number of critical factors come into play. For some, items that are up for grabs have sentimental value, thus making it an even harder fight when both soon-to-be ex-spouses are pushing for ownership. For others, there are barely any emotions involved at all, but there are a great deal of valuation questions to be answered. However, one common thread in almost all divorces is that at some point the decisions on what makes up marital property and what is non-marital property have to be made.

What do Maryland residents know about co-habitation and divorce?

If there is one thing in human society that stirs up academic debate and research like nothing else, it is divorce. Who fares better after a divorce? What is the effect of a divorce on children? Are there any specific factors that make it more likely that a couple will eventually divorce? These are all questions that have been asked - and answered, depending on who is asked - multiple times over. But that doesn't stop people from wanting to learn more, and now a recent report detailed the results of a research study that focused on the effect co-habitation prior to marriage can have on the possibility of a couple ultimately going through a divorce.

Get an overview of assets prior to filing for divorce

For many Maryland residents, actually coming to the decision to proceed with a divorce is the biggest part of the process. Most people know that there will be a somewhat lengthy legal process associated with the decision, but once the commitment is made they are willing to do whatever it takes to dissolve the marriage and move on with life. However, a recent article noted that even after the decision has been made, there are other steps that should be taken to ensure that property division goes smoothly and both parties are left with assets after the divorce is final.

Know your assets prior to a divorce

When a Maryland resident is contemplating the decision on whether or not to file for divorce, they usually have more questions than answers. As previous posts here have mentioned, having the right information before a decision is made can make a big difference in the end result.

Which is more important - equitable division or equitable rights?

Thousands of Maryland residents deal with the various aspects of divorce every day. Some are in the midst of the proceedings, where courtroom battles take place over determining the amount of child support, deciding child custody arrangements and coming to an agreement on property division that results in an equitable division of the marital property. While every divorce is different, many of the same factors are present across the board. Will this be the case with gay couples who seek a divorce?

How to deal with the family home when dividing assets

Many of our Maryland readers get married and expect to build a life with their spouse. A married couple's life together can involve many decisions that have huge implications for their future, such as the decision to have children and to purchase a home together. Unfortunately, those very issues can become complex and emotional problems if the couple ends up going through a divorce.

What are the divorce options for Maryland residents?

When someone is considering a divorce, they may already have a preconceived image in their mind about what the process will be like. Many people envision contentious and lengthy court battles, over issues ranging from child custody and support to property division.

How do Maryland residents value retirement accounts in a divorce?

Going through a divorce can make anyone focus on the here and now as opposed to the distant future, like retirement. After all, the divorce process can involve so many aspects of a person's life that the decisions being made can seem like all-important tasks to focus on. But, a recent article pointed out a part of the process that may not be of immediate concern, but should be: the effect of a divorce on retirement plans.

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