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What our clients say


Special thanks ... for their prep work in advance of the hearing and a ... stellar performance at the hearing. [Spouse's] ex-wife is unlikely to make any further complaints. Great teamwork! Glad you are on our side.

R. S

I can not thank you enough for all your help and all your hard work. Thank you Shelly!


… my first consultation with Shelly was sublime. She was smart, engaging … look forward to working with the entire team …


Dear Jessica,
Thank you so much. I enjoyed meeting you. It is important for me to know that I have professionals I can turn to when I need help and guidance. Thank you for your support!


Dear Shelly,
Thank you so much for the wonderful consultative session which I had with you last week. Your advice was perfect!


Thank you SO much. Best money I have spent, in recent memory! I truly appreciate your help & speed in handling this.
Take care!


Dear Jessica,
Thank you for being with me and support me for the scheduling hearing, mediation and the evaluation on Monday. I can't make it without your help.


Thank you so much for handling my case!! I very much appreciate all the help.


Shelly, Jessica:
It's been a long road, and I appreciate all the advice you've provided. You were right from the beginning that [opposing party and counsel] would be a difficult combination, and I'm glad you were there to help me through this. Many thanks.

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