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Bethesda Attorneys for Maryland Support Enforcement

In our experience, the main issue that results in contempt of court proceedings, is failure to pay alimony, or child support and child custody enforcement. The typical situation is that one parent or former spouse has a court order to do something, and they aren’t doing it. As a result, the other parent or former spouse seeks the court’s assistance in order to force the other side to comply.

At The McKeon Law Firm, we have experience with custody and support enforcement as well as with obtaining custody and support modifications for either the former husband or the former wife. Conveniently located in Gaithersburg and Bethesda, we are passionate about helping our clients evolve as life circumstances change.

“Support and custody enforcement proceedings can be avoided by obtaining a court ordered modification. We do them all the time.” — Attorney Shelly McKeon

Modifications to Avoid Contempt of Court

A divorce decree, child custody or child support agreement is made at one particular point in time. When the situation changes, by design or by chance, a modification to the agreement may be in order. The attorneys at our law office have experience both obtaining and opposing modification requests regarding child support, spousal support or alimony and child custody.

The situations below may be grounds for a modification:

  • Loss of a job by the payor
  • Habitual violations of the agreed-upon visitation plan
  • Increased child costs (medical, educational or other)
  • Change of job resulting in relocation for either party
  • Change of medical condition for either party
  • Egregious violations of the parenting plan (unsafe situations such as drug use)

Feel Secure Placing Your Concerns in Our Hands

If you feel either powerless or frustrated by support or other enforcement issues, we can help. At The McKeon Law Firm, we replace frustration and fear with knowledge, confidence and the assurance that your divorce is being handled in the best way possible. Call our law firm at either 301-417-9222 or 202-742-1800, or send us an e-mail to schedule an appointment with a lawyer. We look forward to helping you with your custody or support modifications or child support enforcement proceedings.

Our offices are conveniently located in Gaithersburg and Bethesda.

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