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Child support modifications must be filed quickly

Child support isn't really a negotiable matter. People who are ordered to pay it must comply with the order or they can face legal woes. The thing that is difficult about child support is that you have to pay it no matter what you have going on with your life. If you are in a position where you can't make the payments, you can't just avoid the matter without facing consequences.

You have the option of seeking a modification for your payments as long as you have circumstances that meet specific requirements. This might be a job loss or demotion. You should try to continue to make the payments as best as you can while your case is moving through the court system. This will help you to remain as current as possible.

Protect your interests during your divorce proceedings

Divorce is a serious event in your life. Even if it is welcomed, you will likely still have to deal with some negative emotions stemming from it. These can be difficult to handle, but you will still need to work through them if you are going to thrive. One thing to remember is that your divorce doesn't define you. Instead, it is just something that you've lived through.

We know that another cause of stress for you might be the divorce proceedings themselves. Knowing what to expect for each court appearance and deposition might help you manage your anxiety. We can help you to prepare so that you have a greater familiarity of the proceedings.

5 tips to adjust to life as a single parent

Making the adjustment from a married parent to a single parent is difficult. You are going through a major life transition that impacts more than just one area of your life. It is imperative that you take the time to find strategies and coping mechanisms that work for you.

As time progresses after the split, you might find that your needs change. Remaining flexible can help you to feel better adjusted and less stressed about what's going on.

Plan to help your children adjust to your divorce

Breaking the news that you are divorcing to the children is probably going to be difficult. It is hard for children to understand that life as they've always known it is changing in such a dramatic way. Trying to find ways to help them adjust can provide them with the support they need to thrive despite this upheaval.

One way that you can support them is by understanding why this is so difficult for them. No matter how old the children are, they likely feel some anxiety about what's going to happen. You and your ex can try to work out a parenting plan as soon as possible. This sets the foundation for the children to have a consistent schedule, which lets them know what they can expect.

Creative custody solutions are sometimes best for the children

Determining the best parenting plan for your children is difficult. Not only do you have to decide what you think it is best, but you also have to listen to what your ex thinks is appropriate. This can be challenging because you must come to an agreement on the major components of the plan.

As you are working through the matters, remember that there might be more than one option that will work. Sometimes, creative custody solutions are the ones that work the best. By thinking about what the children need, you can work to make those happen. Just remember that you can't think about what is best for you or hardest for your ex.

Infidelity can make divorce and child custody very challenging

Many things can lead up to a divorce. When you are dealing with infidelity as the cause, this can be a trying time. One thing that you need to remember is that your spouse cheating on you isn't your fault. Oftentimes, they will try to twist what happened to make you somehow responsible for their actions, but you can't let them do this.

We know that you just want to have the marriage all over and done with. You need to be sure that you aren't in such a rush that you are making mistakes that are going to be costly to you. Take the time to consider possible options that you have in the matter so that you can focus on yourself and what you need to get out of the divorce.

Planning for college as part of your divorce proceeding

As a parent, you want to give your child the best possible future. Typically, that includes a healthy childhood and as much education as your child's profession would require. That could mean living in a certain school district to ensure your child has a competitive education. It could also mean saving for college before your child even starts school.

For a wide range of professions, college is a necessity even for entry-level work. If your child hopes to have a profession that demands a four-year degree or more, the cost of college likely weighs on your mind. Even before you decided to divorce, paying for college may have been a source of financial stress for you and your ex.

Property division: Don't forget about the smaller assets

Dividing assets can be a challenge when you are going through a divorce. Some are going to be more problematic than others. You have to think about the various ways that you can divvy things up so that it is equitable and then move forward from there.

While many people focus on the larger assets like vehicles and homes, there are some smaller assets that might prove to be more difficult to split. Here are a few that you can think about:

  • Household items: This includes everything from the towels in the bathroom and sheets in the bedrooms to utensils in the kitchen and garden tools in the shed.
  • Furniture: You will have to divide all the furniture in the home. Some choose to leave these with the house and just find other assets to offset the value of the furniture.
  • Collectible items: Some people are avid collectors of unique things. In divorce, you have to determine whether one spouse will keep the entire collection or if it will be split between both parties. The value of the collection can be directly impacted by this decision so consider this when making the decision.
  • Artwork: Artwork might need to be appraised before the split is made. As an alternative, you and your ex might decide to just take the pieces you each want without worrying about the value. This might not be advisable if you have high-value artwork in your possession.

Parenting time schedules can lead to disagreements

Parenting time disputes can be very serious matters because they involve the amount of time that each parent can spend with the children. These agreements are often decided as part of the child custody arrangement, but there are times when they aren't set in stone. Examining the terms of the parenting plan is the first step to deciding what to do in these cases.

If your agreement includes a clear-cut schedule, that is your blueprint for what must happen. If either parent needs to deviate from this, it must be discussed with the other one. Hopefully, there can be some sort of agreement reached in the matter so that the children can have time with both parents.

Child support orders should be well-rounded for the child's needs

The end of a marriage when you have children together can be complicated. There are many factors to consider. While it might seem like all of these, including property division, child custody and support payments, are all tied together, they must be considered separately to a certain extent. You can't base the child custody plan on who gets which assets.

One area that you might not have much of a say in is child support. Maryland has a set way of determining how much in support a parent has to pay. This is determined by many factors, including the incomes of the parents, who pays certain expenses for the child, and how parenting time is divided.

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