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Your attitude can impact child custody situations

Child custody dilemmas aren't always easy to handle. When you and your ex make the decision to co-parent, or the Court makes that decision for your, you have to be prepared to work together in all matters. For some parents, this is easier said than done. Make sure that you aren't letting a pessimistic attitude negatively impact the situation.

Many different aspects come together to make co-parenting work. Co-parents have to be willing to compromise on all matters. Without this, situations might become more difficult than they need to be. This can lead to a need for court intervention into the custody dispute.

Divorce doesn't have to be a contentious journey

Many times, there are circumstances in a divorce that automatically pit both parties against each other. Just because the marriage is over doesn't mean that you and your ex have to attack each other. In fact, many people are realizing that a 'friendly' divorce can be much less stressful than one that is fraught with contention.

When you are determining how to handle various points in your divorce, try to look at things from a neutral standpoint. This might help you find ways to compromise with your ex on the matters at hand. You can also take the time to think about how the options might have an effect on you right now and into the future.

Lump sum payments: Monthly alimony payments might be avoidable

When you go through a divorce, especially when you don't have children together, the last thing that you probably want is to be tied to your ex afterwards. For some people, the terms of the divorce mean that they won't be able to bid adieu to their ex for a long time. This is because they might have to make alimony payments.

Just like many things in life, there is an alternative to being saddled with monthly payments to your ex. You might be able to work out a deal for a lump sum spousal support payment. This enables you to make one payment right away and then never have to deal with them again.

Focus on the kids to make custody matters less stressful

Children's lives change when their parents divorce. If your children are going through this, you will need to take steps to ensure that they are handling things as well as can be expected. This might be challenging, but you and your ex working together might minimize the stress of the situation.

We know that you just want what is best for your children. In the case of child custody matters, it is often best to have the issues resolved and an order put in place as quickly as possible. One option that you have for making this happen is to use mediation for you and your ex to come up with the terms of the agreement.

Avoid making some of the more common divorce mistakes

There are some aspects of ending your marriage that just aren't pleasant. Even though you might not be ready to address those, you might have to do just that so that you can get it all over with. It is important that you ensure you aren't making mistakes when you are moving through the process.

Some of the more common mistakes in divorce center around not taking your time to get things done. You might want the marriage legally ended as quickly as possible, but you should be sure that you aren't rushing and making avoidable mistakes. Some of the decisions that you are going to make, e.g. the division of marital property, must be carefully considered.

Co-parenting can be challenging but it is likely worth the effort

When you are going through a divorce and you have children with your ex, you will need to decide what model of parenting you are going to use. One of these options is co-parenting. This has become more common in recent years, which is likely a good thing since it usually means the child has more consistency than what is possible with some other models.

Co-parenting means that you and your ex will work closely to raise the children. Major rules and the consequences for breaking those will remain the same at both homes. Even though the marriage didn't last, both parents will make decisions for the children as a team instead of having a different way of doing things with each parent.

Logic must rule the decisions you make during your divorce

Mediation is a way that many people resolve the issues that must be handled before a divorce can be finalized. This means that you and your ex will work with a neutral third party to come to agreements on everything related to the divorce. Trying to come to these agreements can be a challenge.

When you are ready to get divorced, you need to remember that it isn't a one-day ordeal. Instead, you may need to wait for a waiting period to pass before you can have the divorce finalized and even then you will have to file paperwork to accomplish the same. We know that this might be difficult to go through, but it is required.

Uncontested divorces are faster but may create financial risk

Going through a divorce is a stressful experience, and many people will do anything that they can to speed it up. Sometimes, that can mean seeking an uncontested divorce by agreeing on all of the terms of your divorce with your ex. In 2015, Maryland changed state laws to allow for much faster uncontested divorces for couples without minor children.

If you don't have children or they're over 18, there is no longer a requirement for a full year's legal separation before you and your spouse can file for divorce. You can finish your divorce and get on with your life, provided that you and your spouse can agree on reasonable terms for your divorce.

Three signs that it's time to consider custody modification

After a divorce, you may not feel very happy with the custody arrangements. You may not get to spend much time with your children or end up denied visitation and parenting time altogether for a variety of reasons. Thankfully, the courts recognize that situations change over time. Regardless of the outcome of your custody proceedings or the reason that they didn't go in your favor, you will almost always have an opportunity to improve them and spend more time with your children.

Modification of the initial custody order by the courts can help you get a more equitable and positive outcome after the finalization of your divorce. When your situation changes, you can request that the courts review the new situation and adjust your custody order accordingly. After all, the best interests of the children usually involve a relationship with both parents.

Your financial future might hinge on decisions during divorce

The situations that lead to divorce are often very stressful. You have to make sure that you aren't letting all that stress get to you as you are working through the decisions of the divorce. In some cases, exes will prey on emotions in an effort to get what they want. Simply put -- you can't let that happen.

When you are working out the terms of the divorce, try to put your emotions aside. Focus on the practical side of the issues that you are facing. These can include making sure that you are as financially stable as possible as you start this new chapter of your life.

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