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Property division, credit reports and your future

The bills that you've amassed while you were married don't go away when you decide to get a divorce. Instead, you and your ex will have to divide the debts just like you do the assets. This can be problematic if you have credit card accounts and others that will end up on your credit report.

Many people don't stop to think about how their credit might be impacted by the divorce. Unfortunately, this oversight can be catastrophic down the road. Here are some important points to remember about how these two matters are intertwined:

Three universal tips for all child custody cases

People who have children and are going through a divorce will have a host of advice to sort through. Everyone has their own ways of doing things, which is why there are so many different kinds of advice that will come to you during your divorce.

No matter what kind of divorce you're going through, contentious or amicable, there are a few pieces of advice that can help you and your children as you go through the process.

Dissolving your marriage comes with many decisions

The end of your marriage can be a troubling time for many adults. When you are going through this, you might feel like you are an emotional wreck. This is understandable because there are so many things that you might think about. You are dealing with having to let go of one chapter and starting another one. You may feel sad one minute and excited the next.

As you are going through the process of legally dissolving the marriage, make sure that you aren't letting your emotions rule your decisions. There are a lot of things that you will have to decide that might be emotional; however, logic must prevail.

Communication about the kids with your ex must be civil

When you have children with your ex, you will have to communicate on a regular basis with them regarding the kids. It is important that you take steps to keep this civil. Being able to discuss simple matters without strife can vastly improve the parenting relationship. The civility might carry over into times when you have to discuss contentious matters.

One of the most important things you can do is to think about how your words and tone of voice might be perceived. Even if you don't mean any harm by what you are saying, there is a chance that it might be taken in the wrong way. By carefully choosing your words and paying attention to how you are speaking, you might be able to head off issues before they start.

3 tips to help you transition into post-divorce parenting

Making the transition from one two-parent household to two one-parent households is a challenge for the adult and children. Determining what strategies to make the new arrangement a success is a top priority.

No two situations are the same, so you and your ex will need to find out what works for you. While there might be some disagreements and difficulties along the way, you will likely find that everything goes much more smoothly when you go into the new way of life with a solid plan.

A surprise divorce can present interesting challenges

When divorce comes as a surprise, you don't have time to prepare for what's to come. This is a challenge, especially if you are the one being told to leave the marital home. If you are in this position, you should make sure that you know your rights and options. We are here to help you learn about them.

As unconventional as it is, some people choose to remain in the same home for a while during the start of the divorce process for financial reasons. If you choose this option, you should be prepared to move into another bedroom and to have a discussion about how certain expenses will be met.

Handling an absent or uncooperative co-parent

A healthy co-parenting relationship is built on teamwork and respect. When the other parent wants to be difficult about everything and refuses to cooperate with the parenting plan, the entire situation can feel dire. It is imperative that you try to find ways to make things more manageable so that you and your children don't have to deal with undue stress.

You should make sure that you are being honest with your children, to a reasonable extent. The kids don't need false hope about what might happen. If the other parent hasn't been showing up for visits or is being unrealistic, don't mislead the child in a way that might make them think all is well.

Plan carefully at the end of your marriage

Finding out that your spouse has filed for divorce might have been a shock to you. It is possible that you didn't see this one coming. If you are in this position right now, there are some very important things that you should understand. We are here to help you develop your plan for addressing the end of your marriage.

One of the most important things for you to remember right now is that you must do what is best for you. Even if your ex made sure that you had what you needed during your marriage, they aren't going to do that now. You should think about how your decisions today can impact you now in the future. If you have children, you also need to think about their best interests.

Co-parent in a positive way to make the situation more manageable

Co-parenting is rewarding when it is going right but it can be very stressful when it isn't. These are times when you might need to focus on the positive side of the relationship. This isn't always going to be easy.

It is almost always best to have more than one tool in your repertoire that you can take out when you need to make a change. Here are a few to consider:

Plan for times when child support doesn't come through

When you are receiving child support, you might count on those payments to come in on time so that you can take care of what your child needs. There are many expenses that these payments can cover, so you might need to make plans for them. We know that having to rely on an ex, even if it is only through financial support for your child, might not be something that you want to do but it is necessary when you have a child.

Even though your ex usually makes the payments on time, there is a chance that a payment will be delayed. There is also a chance that they will stop paying for a number of reasons. With this in mind, it might be best if you make plans for what you will do if the payments do cease or are delayed.

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