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When Shelly McKeon started practicing family law in the early 1990s, she soon realized that being a woman helped to make her a more effective family law attorney. In family law you’ve got to have insight into your client’s experiences, she says. You have to be tough and sometimes aggressive, but you have to understand what your client is going through. Clients need to know that you’ve got their back, that’s it’s not just business.

McKeon brings nearly 20 years of family law experience to their clients’ cases. The firm represents women and men in equal numbers, and is appointed by the Court to represent children in family law matters. Our expertise, our toughness and our compassion work equally well for women and men, McKeon says.

Born in California and raised in Washington State, McKeon came east to go to The George Washington University Law School. While there she realized that she wanted to go into family law. I liked–and continue to like–the personal aspect and the diversity of family law, says the divorced mother of one.

McKeon’s firm is a boutique practice dealing exclusively with family law. The firm handles all aspects of a divorce: the grounds, child custody, child support, alimony, asset division, pensions and related divorce issues. The firm also handles modification and post-judgment issues.

The majority of my clients are going through a very difficult experience, McKeon says. It’s stressful. My clients appreciate the individualized approach we take and the personal care they receive. We pride ourselves on bringing to each case our expertise, our experience, and our skills and combining that with looking at each case separately and as unique to our client.

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