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Child support orders come after looking at many factors

Child support cases aren't always easy to handle. Both of the parents might be concerned about how much these support payments are going to be. The paying parent likely hopes that the payments don't take up too much money. Recipient parents probably hope the money can actually help with the many costs of raising the children.

Plan for times when child support doesn't come through

When you are receiving child support, you might count on those payments to come in on time so that you can take care of what your child needs. There are many expenses that these payments can cover, so you might need to make plans for them. We know that having to rely on an ex, even if it is only through financial support for your child, might not be something that you want to do but it is necessary when you have a child.

The truth about deadbeat dads

The stereotype of a deadbeat dad is a man with plenty of money to pay child support, but who decided not to do it simply because he doesn't want to. He has a good job and uses his money for cars, vacations, nights out with his friends and things of this nature.

How do I acquire back child support in Maryland?

Dealing with child support issues can be stressful to the point where some want to give in and end the fight. But, because this involves children, very few parents will lay down when their children are not getting what they deserve. Handling issues related to back child support is best done with the help of a family law attorney. Here's how you can acquire back child support payments.

Child support and uninsured medical costs

On top of the agreed upon or mandated child support payments, parents are also required to pay any uninsured medical costs. These include co-payments, prescription bills, deductibles and any other costs that are either not covered under a parent's health plan or are not reimbursed by the insurance company that holds the plan.

What will Maryland do to enforce child support orders?

For some parents, getting a divorce is an opportunity for a fresh start. You are leaving behind an unhappy or unhealthy relationship and seeking a better life for you and your children. The courts granted you custody or perhaps your former spouse didn't seek custody of your children. Whatever the situation, you are now expected, on your own, to provide for your children. It can be incredibly difficult for people to cover all of the financial requirements of parenthood on their own, especially right after a divorce. That's why the parent who doesn't get custody should pay child support.

How to create a child support agreement for college tuition

Child support is an important part of the divorce and/or custody process and something that should never be overlooked. Coming up with a child support agreement that satisfies both parents and helps support the children is vital. This can include creating an agreement that addresses how college tuition will be handled.

Maryland program helps non-custodial parents find employment

A program in Maryland has been helping non-custodial parents find employment for the past two years. The program, called Re-engaging Individuals Through Successful Employment (RISE), operates in the five-county region known as Mid-Shore in the state. The program was created by the Caroline County Department of Social Services with Chesapeake College.

Uses of child support in Maryland

Child support can be a major fighting point during a divorce or child custody battle. The custodial parent might need support from the noncustodial parent and this is where child support payments come into play. Child support can be used for a variety of things in Gaithersburg, Maryland, so check the list below before you put those payments to use.

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