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Common reasons why long term marriages end in divorce

On behalf of Shelly McKeon

Most people in the U.S. are accustomed to news of divorce. Indeed, divorces are more common than ever before and, at this point, it seems hardly newsworthy that a couple has chosen to end their marriage. Nevertheless, there are still instances where a couple’s decision to divorce surprises people, particularly when that couple has been married for a very long time. The reality is, of course, that all couples face issues and certain stresses can cause even older couples to divorce.

First, one issue that older couples commonly face is a possible loss of spark in their relationships. With retirement on the horizon and children out of the house, older couples sometimes lose the bond that kept them together for decades. In some situations, a spouse may decide that the time is right to begin a new chapter in their lives. In others, a spouse might realize that she no longer knows the person she married so many years ago. No matter the reason, those in decades long relationships sometimes feel the need to move on.

Second, older couples sometimes must face the realization that they do not want to spend their remaining years in a relationship that is not making them happy. As people move through middle age, it is not uncommon for them to reconsider their goals, what they want to accomplish in their lives or what they are contributing to the community. These realizations may lead to a reconsideration of whether their marriages are working and whether it makes sense to try something new.

Third, many people may not realize it, but middle aged couples can face stresses from a variety of sources. For example, it may be difficult to deal with a spouse’s health problems or those of his family members. The deaths of loved ones, particularly those who were especially close, can also result in difficult situations for couples. If they do not have the skills to deal with these issues effectively, it could cause irreparable damage to their relationships and make divorce something worth considering.

For those who are considering whether to file for divorce, a consultation with an experienced divorce attorney can help you understand your options. Deciding on a course of action about retirement assets, marital property and other issues is particularly important for couples in middle age and an experienced divorce lawyer can provide essential information about how to take the next step.

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