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What about the retirement accounts?

The valuation of assets in a divorce can be critical. But, when a person thinks of their most valuable possession, what is the most likely answer? For some, the answer might be the family home and accompanying real estate. However,…

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Actor seeks alimony modification

Of all the issues that come up in a divorce, spousal maintenance can be one of the touchiest areas. Spousal maintenance, commonly known as alimony, has been a hot topic in recent years, as our society transforms to one in which…

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Tax laws could impact division of assets in a divorce

As if the divorce process didn't already have the potential to be protracted and complicated, new laws that took effect at the beginning of the year may have a significant impact on the process for many people. Of all the…

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Will spousal maintenance become part of your divorce?

When people get married, most do not think of what life will be like with their partner 10, 20, or 30 years down the road. Although our Maryland readers would think that most people get married believing that they will…

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