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When I received a letter from the court in MD to attend a hearing as my ex-spouse asked for full custody of our only child, I was out of words as I’m living in Africa plus I’m non US citizen/resident and there are serious immigrational barriers for me to travel to the US, what really exacerbated the situation is the country I was living in is under strict US financial sanctions there are no means of direct payment to the firm nor I have any valid debit/credit card to pay McKeon law firm for their services, to make things worse the country I was living in has an inflation rate of 20% per 2 weeks and its currency depreciates in value in a fast pace.The most rational option for me would have been is not to contest the divorce and award my ex-spouse full custody, additionally I would have totally understood and accepted if the law firm would have declined to assist me in the case, as helping me would have been considered a total financial loss for the law firm as the stakes are too high, however what followed has completely taken me by surprise they not only understood my situation but I felt some sort of personal connection between  me and the staff and the urgency to deal with the situation in the most professional manner, resolving my case became a priority over any financial risks for the law firm, that eventually led to a divorce settlement that has given me legitimate rights over my child in the US despite the fact that I lived in Africa, McKeon law firm can’t thank you enough for your assistance in the most stressful  times of my life and special appreciation goes to “Jessica Kern”

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