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I just want to say from the bottom of my heart, how thankful Myself and my Family are for you both handling a difficult client (Me) and a difficult case. You both are true professional’s and truly shine above the competition. Your attention to detail and your no nonsense work ethic, was a pleasure to not only watch, but also be a part of. Tyler, as I told Jessica today, the Judge’s ruling is out of our control now, but whatever happens or whatever is decided, I already feel that I have won. Jessica, you made [opposing counsel] look completely out of Her League. You made her look like she received her Diploma On Line at Strayer College. For that I could not be more thankful. Your demeanor in the court room was second to none. You’re not reading from a script; you were honestly going to bat for me and that’s all I’ve wanted since day one.  For the record Jessica, I nicked named you “Stealth”, because you’re so quite, but deadly at the same time.

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