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Determining alimony payments fairly after a divorce

Maryland couples who have been through a divorce understand the emotions and stress involved when money is at stake. These couples may have consistently fought about money while married and often find that the battle does not end when the marriage does. In a divorce, there are often issues regarding not only assets and child support but alimony, as well. It can be upsetting for a party to be forced to make monthly payments to a former spouse, but when there is a huge disparity in incomes between the spouses, then alimony payments are often necessary – at least on a temporary basis. However, with proper legal representation, you can ensure that you retain your rights and are treated fairly, whether you are the payee or payor.

Even if your divorce is complex, a lawyer can accurately analyze your specific situation and ensure fairness, above all. By using documentation and realistic numbers and projections, he or she can predict future income while working toward a goal of financial security for both parties.

A major concern is that many payors have irregular incomes. They may be freelance workers or entrepreneurs who do not receive paychecks on a regular basis. Despite this, a knowledgeable attorney has the expertise to create a successful spousal support payment plan. He or she can also advise clients in terms of tax consequences.

If you are going through a divorce, make sure your legal rights are kept in mind. A family law attorney can help make sure you receive the amount of alimony payments you deserve. If you are the payor, a lawyer can help you and your former spouse reach a fair agreement based on your income and occupation.

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