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When women have to focus on career after divorce, part 1

In a previous post we discussed spousal support and how Maryland courts rarely assign permanent payments of alimony. We shared how that means for many of the lesser-earners in a divorce that they will have to find work and focus seriously on finding a self-sustaining career after divorce.

While changes in gender norms and the progress of women in the workforce means that it isn’t just women who are lesser-earners, it is still most common that ex-wives are the parties who need alimony to get by. Women more often have to struggle to support themselves when the divorce is final and the support stops coming.

Business Insider interviewed several powerful women on Wall Street and asked them for their career advice for women who are looking to succeed in their jobs. The following are just a few of the tips that could help women regain some career power and financial security after divorce:

  • Identify your strengths and use them to create and sell your personal brand in the workplace.
  • Build, rebuild and/or strengthen relationships that will serve as a career network for you. One female source feels that networking is especially important for women because women generally like to feel that they are a part of a community, even in their jobs.
  • Don’t expect balance; expect to prioritize and make sacrifices. Women who are mothers, workers, and divorced especially might find seeking work/life balance a hardship. Instead, the source warns, that life becomes about basically choosing which ball is okay to drop today.

There is more to the day-to-day reality of divorce than not being with your spouse anymore. Life goes on. You have to find a new normal and a way to afford life on your own. Spousal support, however, is an option and right to help you discover your balance.

Talk to your divorce attorney about your alimony options in Maryland.

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