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What Can I Do If the Other Parent Isn’t Paying Child Support?

In Maryland, a child has the legal right to financial support from both parents. Child support is payments made by one parent to the other by order of the court. Generally, one parent pays child support to the other to provide for the child’s basic needs and maintain a suitable quality of life. Although child support payments are supposed to provide for the child’s needs, some individuals view support payments as unfair, which makes them resistant to complying with the court-ordered payments.

You work hard to provide for your child and only want what’s best for them. So, what happens when the child’s other parent doesn’t pay their fair share? What can you do if your child’s other parent isn’t paying child support?

At The McKeon Law Firm, we want you to know that there are ways to seek the child support money your child deserves, and we can help show you the path forward.

How Is Child Support Determined in Maryland?

Maryland uses a standard formula to help the courts determine the amount of child support parents owe for their child. The state’s child support guidelines consider both parents’ income, the number of children, the cost of health insurance, the current child support paid to other children, and the cost of daycare. Alimony payments made and spousal support received also factor into Maryland’s child support calculations.

The Maryland Department of Human Services offers a child support calculation tool to give parents a rough estimate of what they may owe in child support payments. However, it is best to consult with a skilled Maryland child support attorney for a more accurate evaluation of the child support you may be owed.

What If the Other Parent Isn’t Paying Child Support?

Child support is ordered by the court. Failing to pay child support can result in significant legal and financial complications for the parent who refuses to keep up with child support payments.

If the other parent is not meeting their financial obligations, immediately contact the Maryland Customer Care Center at 1-800-332-6347 and a Maryland child support attorney. The child support office can take enforcement action against the other parent by withholding child support from their wages or unemployment benefits. Additionally, they may intercept federal and state tax refunds to pay child support.

The Maryland child support office may also choose to:

  • Report delinquent parents to credit bureaus
  • Refer parents with past-due support to the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration for driver’s license suspension
  • Deny a parent from renewing or obtaining a passport
  • Garnish accounts at financial institutions
  • Intercept Maryland lottery winnings

In some cases, it may also be necessary to initiate contempt of court proceedings if you can demonstrate the delinquent parent can pay child support but isn’t following through. Additionally, if the parent is more than 30 days behind in their support payments, you can request a wage garnishment to be entered.

Reach Out for Help Today. Contact an Experienced Maryland Child Support Attorney

At The McKeon Law Firm, we understand that you may suddenly be in a challenging financial situation when the other parent doesn’t meet their child support obligations. Protect yourself and your child. The best way to recover the money your child needs to grow and thrive is with intervention from a skilled Maryland child support attorney.

Your child deserves financial support and security from both parents. Help stabilize their quality of life. Discuss your situation with a knowledgeable and compassionate child support attorney. Contact The McKeon Law Firm at (202) 742-1800 to arrange a confidential consultation.

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