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Father of 30 children requests child support modification

Maryland readers familiar with previous posts on this blog know that family law matters can be complicated, and there are many people out there facing serious challenges. Family law issues can be extremely personal, and most people would be disturbed if the intimate details of their marriage, divorce, or child custody and support disputes were made public.

However, a man in Tennessee recently made headlines when he asked that he receive a break from paying child support. Requests for child support modification are not uncommon; modifications will often be requested when one spouse has a change in income or employment status or perhaps develops a medical issue which requires expensive treatment. In this case, however, the issue is the sheer number of children for whom the father is paying support. The man fathered 30 children, with 11 different mothers.

Child support is an important part of providing for and maintaining a relationship with children. When it comes to modifying child support orders, there must be a compelling reason to do so. While this young father has broken no laws by continuing to have children, their mothers cannot raise them on the sums they currently receive from this father. At the age of 33, the man only makes minimum wage, and half of his paycheck is already divided up by the state to support the 21 children he had in 2009 when the order went into effect. Some of the mothers receive as little as $1.49 each month from the man’s garnished and divided wages.

The father’s request for child support modification is still pending.

Source: Yahoo! News, “Man who fathered 30 kids says he needs a break-on child support,” Pueng Vongs, May 18, 2012

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