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Remember your child’s rights during child custody

A child whose parents are going through a divorce might feel as though their entire world is changing. In a way, this is accurate. As their parent, you can take steps to reassure them that they still have two parents who love them and that they can still have a good childhood. There are several ways that you can do this, and they all have to do with making sure your child’s rights are being respected during all steps including child custody.

One of the most important things for a child to know during divorce is that even though their housing status will change, they will still be able to have relationships with the people who have been in their lives. This includes extended family members. Unless there is an abuse factor present, the child should be encouraged to keep up contact with their grandparents, cousins, and others.

They should also know that each parent wants them to have a relationship with their other parent. Even though things didn’t work out with you and your ex, you can’t expect that your child would shun their other parent. Instead, ensure them that you want that relationship to flourish.

Kids have a lot of thoughts and emotions during the divorce. Each change might bring uncertainty, and some anger or sadness may result. Work with them to express these complex emotions in a suitable manner. You can help them learn the coping skills that will benefit them throughout life.

As you’re working through the child custody matters, remember that your child’s needs must be the priority. They must have a foundation that provides them with stability and consistency in order to thrive. Your parenting plan is the basis for this, so consider the terms carefully.

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