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Holidays can test the bounds of physical custody arrangements

Among the numerous issues that need to be addressed by Maryland couples going through a divorce, perhaps the most difficult for many will be determining a child custody arrangement. In the best of situations, the divorcing couple is able to come to terms with an agreement outside of court – one that works for all of the parties involved. But, in the worst of situations, the child custody dispute turns into a full-fledged battle in court, with each parent fighting desperately to sway the judge’s ultimate decision on physical custody and legal custody arrangements.

Somewhere in between all of the back and forth about possible arrangements, however, will be deciding where the children will spend the holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas are the holidays that are usually considered “family holidays” by most people, and as a result, divorcing parents will often want to outline exactly who the children will spend those holidays with on a yearly basis. Thousands of families throughout the country will be implementing their parenting plans in regards to these holidays in the coming weeks.

But, as a recent article points out, it can be easy to forget that the children are the ones who may experience the most emotional turmoil during these supposedly festive times of the year. With that in mind, the article made a few suggestions for divorced parents as the holidays approach.

The article suggested that good communication between parents and children will help in this trying time when coming up with custody arrangements. Being kind and conciliatory with the ex-spouse can also show the children the type of behavior that should be modeled rather than avoided. Lastly, as the new family dynamic in a post-divorce life begins to settle, the holidays can provide the perfect opportunity to begin new traditions and create new memories.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Divorced Parents: How to Help Your Kids Get Through the Holidays,” Rosalind Sedacca, Nov. 11, 2013

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