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Noninvasive prenatal paternity test is highly accurate

There are numerous DNA tests out there. However, accuracy and invasiveness are always concerns. Fathers and children can give blood samples, but it can be a traumatic experience. Some companies, to overcome these issues, designed a noninvasive prenatal test to allow for easy and accurate DNA testing. A published study tested those claims and this post will go over their findings.

The study used blood samples from 20 pregnant women and the biological fathers. The baby’s DNA was extracted from the mother’s blood sample. The test then compared each sample against 1,820 male samples to determine if it could identify the correct father. The test correctly identified the father 100 percent of the time. Moreover, it successful excluded 99.95 percent of the random male samples.

This study found that these tests are both noninvasive and highly accurate. It confirms that faith in this new technology is well-placed.

This new testing method is valuable because it offers an alternative to invasive post-natal blood tests. The sooner that paternity is established, the sooner a parenting plan can be set up and the less the parents have to deal with after the baby is born. Both parents will likely have their hands full, so it is best to have everything set up before the birth.

Establishing paternity was once a costly and drawn out endeavor. Not anymore. With this test, you can conclusively establish paternity. If paternity is established, then you are entitled to custody and visitation rights. Additionally, you will also be liable to make child support payments. If paternity is disputed, then you may want to speak to an attorney. A lawyer can help you prepare a request to compel DNA testing. Don’t let go of your child because the legal dispute may be difficult. You are entitled to the same rights.

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