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“Divorce Parties” mark a major shift in attitudes about divorce

Over the past five years or so, a new trend has gained widespread popularity: the divorce party. It has even spawned an industry devoted to helping people plan and celebrate their divorce in much the same way that they might celebrate a wedding.

Naturally, some people love the idea of divorce parties, while others find them to be in poor taste. If you are considering hosting one, the good news is that these events are entirely customizable. There are no cultural traditions to observe, which means you could throw a divorce party designed to be exactly what you’re looking for.

ABC News recently reported on one couple’s decision to host a divorce party together (which is something that many divorcees wouldn’t want to do, for obvious reasons). When explaining the decision, the Wife said that the couple had hosted many parties together throughout the years and that this would be “our last hurrah.”

The Husband also added: “We’re not celebrating the fact that we got divorced. We’re celebrating the way in which we did it…keep the friendship that we have and keep as much of a family group as we can have together.”

Some seperation parties seem to be highly produced caricatures of wedding receptions. They may contain party favors, humorous divorce-themed cakes, and an open bar. Other times, separation parties can be just one spouse’s celebration with a few friends. They go out on the town to unwind from the stress of the divorce and to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

Even if you think divorce parties are tacky, the fact that they exist at all reflects a very positive change in American culture. Seperation was long considered a shameful secret that reflected poorly on entire families. Now, the stigma has largely disappeared, giving ex-spouses a chance to process the difficult emotions of their divorce in whatever way they see fit.

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