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Important issues to discuss with your divorce attorney

Filing for a divorce is never easy, even if your marriage has been strained for quite some time. You should know what to expect when filing for divorce in Maryland. Divorce can be contentious. It can be quick and painless if you and your spouse get along well. It can also be confusing and difficult if there are high assets involved. Here are some important issues to discuss with your divorce attorney.

One of the most important topics to discuss with your attorney centers around the children. You will want to talk about custody arrangements, visitation schedules, child support payments, health and dental insurance for the children, education, religious upbringing, beneficiaries of life insurance policies, claiming children as dependents and more.

Spousal support will also come into question during a divorce. You will want to discuss how much will be paid, for how long and by which spouse. Who will receive continued coverage through COBRA can also be discussed under this category.

Property issues are a big part of the divorce conversation with your attorney. Issues include the following:

– Business ownership

– Retirement benefits

– Home furnishings

– Hidden assets

– Cars, boats, planes

– Savings accounts

– Stocks, bonds and other investments

– Recreational vehicles

– Professional practices and degrees

– Equity in the home

– Compensation for being the homemaker

– Debts

Preparing for divorce does not just include speaking with your attorney or officially filing the paperwork. You should also prepare a host of different documents that can make the process much easier for all involved. These documents include:

– Proof of current income and spouse’s income

Prenuptial agreement

– Pension statements

– Retirement account statements

– Stock portfolios

– Credit card statements

– Tax statements

– Utility bills

– Loan documents

– Certificates of deposit

– Bank statements

– Separation agreement

– Mortgage documents

– Monthly budget worksheet

– School tuition forms

– Life and health insurance policies

– Auto insurance policies

– Property appraisals

An experienced divorce attorney in Gaithersburg, Maryland, can answer all of your questions regarding divorce and how you can start your Court case.

Source: FindLaw, “Checklist: Issues To Discuss With Your Divorce Attorney,” accessed March 10, 2017

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