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Issues that courts may leave parents to resolve

Dealing with a difficult co-parent may not be any easier now that you have a custody and parenting time decree. Your ex can still perpetuate dirty tricks by attempting to manipulate kids, being petty about exchanges and times, and essentially making life unbearable. If you are in this situation, you are not alone, as many frustrated parents in this situation may try to seek a Court Order in an attempt to limit the other parent’s influence through the courts

However, modifying a Court Order may not be the solution to your problems. Essentially, a family court judge may not find a legal remedy to be the best way to correct childish, spiteful and vindictive behavior. With that said, parents should be aware of situations where courts may not get involved. This post will identify some common scenarios.

Tastes in meals – If one parent insists on allowing fast food for dinner while the other parent cooks at home, a court is generally not going to intervene, unless there is demonstrated harm to a child (i.e. a parent ignoring serious allergic reactions). Instead, the court is likely going to insist that the parents work out their differences.

Disputes over fees for sports leagues – Payments for sports leagues, swimming lessons, and music classes are traditionally not accounted for in child support payments. These are generally viewed as extracurricular activities that parents are responsible for and pay out of their income.

Parents who bring new love interests around the child – If a parent brings a new girlfriend or boyfriend around the child, it may be in bad taste, but it may not be a basis for a change in custody simply because the other parent is uncomfortable with it.

If you have questions about when a custody modification is appropriate, an experienced family law attorney can help.

The preceding is not legal advice.

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