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Seasonal plans need to be discussed early

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and Christmas and Hanukkah is just after that. For parents who have a child custody agreement for their children, this can be a very stressful season. Not only do they have the normal hustle and bustle of this time of year, they also have to deal with the ins and outs of the custody arrangement.

If you are facing this situation, now is the time to get started on seasonal parenting plans.

Review the schedule

The holiday schedule you will follow for the holidays is important. Review who has the children when, exchange times and the locations where they will take place. All of this should be factored into any plans you are going to make.

If you notice anything that doesn’t work for you this year, you need to address them right away. Sometimes, parents can compromise to change certain aspects of the arrangement to ensure children have positive memories.

Plan for childcare

Make plans now if your children are going to need care while they aren’t in school. These breaks can be an excellent time for families to bond. You might even consider having the children spend time with either parent if one is able to get off work or with another family member whose company they enjoy. If you do need a sitter or other option, discuss this with your ex. Determine who will pay what portions of the cost now.

Discuss gifts

Take the time to talk to your ex about who is going to get which gifts for the children. Duplicate gifts are only nice if the child will need one for each home. If possible, bring other family members into the conversation. By working together, you might be able to get most or all of the children’s wish list without any single person having to do the majority of the spending.

Determine if changes are needed

If you and your ex can’t come to an agreement about what is going to happen during the holiday season, you might have to seek a modification from the Court. This is only possible in some circumstances. You should get things in motion as soon as possible since last minute rushes might not work with the current Court dockets.

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