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Parenting time schedules can lead to disagreements

Parenting time disputes can be very serious matters because they involve the amount of time that each parent can spend with the children. These agreements are often decided as part of the child custody arrangement, but there are times when they aren’t set in stone. Examining the terms of the parenting plan is the first step to deciding what to do in these cases.

If your agreement includes a clear-cut schedule, that is your blueprint for what must happen. If either parent needs to deviate from this, it must be discussed with the other one. Hopefully, there can be some sort of agreement reached in the matter so that the children can have time with both parents.

If there isn’t a clear-cut schedule in the agreement, things might be a bit more complex. These cases are often seen with parents who don’t have set work schedules, e.g., military members or doctors, and might require much negotiation between the adults to determine when the child will be at each home. This can be challenging, but flexibility can make the situation easier.

In some cases, using a parenting coordinator might help to ease the disagreements and allow the exes to devise a plan for custody dates. These professionals can help you find resolutions that are in the child’s best interest.

Another option you have is to go through mediation. This option is can be a bit more informal, but if both parties are motivated to reach a resolution and avoid returning to Court, this process can be successful.

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