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5 tips to adjust to life as a single parent

Making the adjustment from a married parent to a single parent is difficult. You are going through a major life transition that impacts more than just one area of your life. It is imperative that you take the time to find strategies and coping mechanisms that work for you.

As time progresses after the split, you might find that your needs change. Remaining flexible can help you to feel better adjusted and less stressed about what’s going on.

Allow yourself to feel a range of emotions

You are going to go through a lot of emotions as you adjust to life as a single parent. You may be angry or sad. Some days, you might feel elated that you can make all the decisions yourself. Give yourself permission to feel whatever you are going through. This might help you to feel better as “what you resist persists” so do not judge yourself. Compassionately be present with whatever floods of feelings cycle through you. They are all OK and will help lead you to a balanced state of acceptance and peace in the long run.

Get your finances in order

Financial stress is a huge challenge for some single parents. Taking stock of your money and setting up a budget can help. Be sure that you focus on the long-term goals you have, as well as taking care of short-term needs. This, too, can provide a balance that allows you to find peace of mind.

Limit commitments

In the initial days of life as a single parent, try to limit commitments. As time progresses, you might feel able to take more onto your plate. One problem that some newly single people face is that they overload their schedule with commitments, which can be a stress-inducing factor. Focus your time and energy on benefiting yourself and establishing your new way of life.

Accept help

People might offer to help you out. Don’t become so proud that you bypass those offers. Independence is great, but allowing others to help and even asking for help if you need it can provide you with the time or energy to focus on other things.

Find new passions and hobbies

You need to find things that you enjoy to take up your time. Think about what you like and incorporate these interests as a guide to finding hobbies and enjoyable activities. Maybe you can even find new things to do with your children that you can enjoy together.

Another way that you can benefit your new life is to have a parenting plan that places your children first. This can give you the foundation for a child custody arrangement so that it is one less thing you have to stress about.

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