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Children should be encouraged to interact with extended family

Just because you and your ex divorced don’t mean that your children should have to miss out on important family gatherings with extended family on either side. Instead, you and your ex should both encourage the kids to have meaningful relationships with their extended family members.

We know that this might not be easy, especially if you don’t get along with your ex’s family, but you have to remember that they are still your kids’ relatives. With few exceptions, the kids will benefit from getting to know their extended family.

Because there are sometimes circumstances that are complex, it might be best to have the terms regarding these individuals put into the child custody agreement. This can include schedules for when they will go see those family members. Of course, you might have to be flexible sometimes because there might be cases in which a preset schedule isn’t going to work. For example, if a family member is getting married and you would like the children to be at the wedding.

An agreement might even include a standard of conduct for these encounters. For example, it might be prohibited for anyone to speak negatively of either parent. This helps ensure that the kids are able to enjoy their time without having to worry about someone saying something mean about their parents.

We know that this is a sensitive issue for many people. As experienced family law attorneys, we are here to help you find solutions to address the issues that are present in your case. Having a solid child custody order might help you accomplish this.

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