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Plan for the divorce before you file

There are several things that you have to think about when you are planning on filing for divorce. The planning that you do should start well in advance of your actually filing. This can help you start your new life off on the best footing possible, and it can help you have what you need to get the settlement you deserve during the divorce.

One of the most important things that you can do is to grab important documents. This includes statements from financial accounts, copies of credit bills, and similar paperwork. This can all come in handy when you are going through the property division aspect of the divorce. It ensures that you can accurately fill out the asset and debt forms, and it helps you ensure that your ex isn’t trying to hide assets from you.

Another important part of the planning process is figuring out what you will do about a place to live and similar logistical aspects of the split. If you have children, you need to see if you can come up with a custody plan that your ex will likely agree to. This can be difficult, especially if your ex is normally very involved with the children.

We understand that you might have some specific concerns that you need to address. You can talk about these and learn about your options before you file. This gives you time to plan your strategy so that you can go into the filing knowing what you are going to do. We are here to help you throughout the process.

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