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Try to set parenting plan terms quickly during a divorce

Child custody cases take a toll on everyone involved. It can be hard for the children to get used to splitting their time between two homes. When the split first happens, the kids might wonder if everything will ever go back to something that resembles a normal life. You will have to help them adjust to the new way of life, especially through a reasonable parenting plan.

One way that you can do this is to get the child custody order in place as quickly as possible. If you and your ex can work together to come up with the terms of the parenting plan, you will likely be able to get this done faster than if you have to get the Court to set the terms. We can work with you to determine what options you have for this matter.

Another thing you can do is work with your ex to set rules that traverse both homes in your parenting plan. These can cover the basics like bedtime, curfew, and similar matters. Even the time for homework can be the same. While it isn’t always possible or necessary, having those consistent rules might help the kids when the divorce first happens.

We understand that this is a difficult time. Take things one step at a time and try to find ways that you can resolve contentious matters. The more you and your ex can work together for the kids, the better the future of the co-parenting relationship. This can provide the kids with stability that enables them to thrive even with the major changes.

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