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Visitation challenges: When your schedule doesn’t work

It is the reality that many people start with custody arrangements that they love, but they quickly find that it no longer works for them a year or two later. This is normal when it comes to child custody because there is no way to prepare for everything that happens in the future.

You might get a new job, move to a new apartment, or start dating someone new that your ex-spouse isn’t comfortable with. You might find that your children have many play dates or activities that cut into your visitation time.

Changes happen, and when they do, you can seek help through a modification. A custody modification allows you to ask for changes to your custody arrangement so that you can get time with your children as planned.

Why should you seek a child custody modification?

There are specific times when you should seek child custody modifications. For example, if you get a new job and need to move further away, you may need to ask for a modification to make it possible to see your child regularly but to also do your work.

Another time you might seek a modification of custody is if you want to seek more time with your children. For instance, you may be concerned that they’re not being cared for well or that your ex-spouse isn’t home with them as much as you could be. If you want to change your custody arrangements based on your concerns about your children, remember that you will need proof or evidence of neglect or inappropriate schedules to help you make your case.

Is it common to seek changes in your custody and visitation schedule?

The majority of people who have children and who have divorced will need to change their child custody arrangements at some point in their children’s lives. If you need to, don’t think that you’re unusual. In fact, most families will need to adjust their schedules as the years move on, because their children’s needs may change.

Whether it’s a combination of changes in your own life or your child asking for more time with mom or dad, you may need to reach out to change your custody arrangements and visitation schedule at some point. Your attorney can help you discuss your schedule with your ex-spouse to negotiate changes or help you submit a modification request with the court when you have collected all the evidence you need.

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