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Take care of yourself if you are divorcing an addict

Having a spouse who is addicted to drugs is a difficult situation. You might decide that it is time to cut ties with that person and start life anew. This can be a hard decision, and you might receive some negative reactions when others find out. For some, the spouse of an addict should remain a martyr and stay in the marriage to support the addict. Remember that your life is your own and you have to do what is best for you.

One of the most important things for you to do when you are divorcing someone who is addicted to anything, including drugs, alcohol or gambling, is to protect the marital assets so you aren’t left with nothing after the divorce. When you do file your divorce petition, under certain circumstances you can ask the court to impose restrictions on the use of some of the assets. It will also be important to find out other steps you can take to protect the assets when divorcing an addict.

You might need to find support for yourself. This can come through family members or friends. You may also consider going to meetings for loved ones of addicts. Even though you are going through a divorce, you might learn tips to help you heal and move forward with life.

The process for legally ending the marriage is going to be challenging. Your ex might not be a logical thinker, which can make mediation and other methods of divorce resolution difficult to work through. You might end up having to prepare for a trial to settle all matters. Be sure that you factor this into your new life plan so you can start off on the best footing possible when you consider divorcing an addict.

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