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Women often disengage from marriage long before a divorce

The end of a marriage is a time of big changes. Some people don’t realize that these often start long before the divorce is filed. Women who are having troubles in the marriage often disengage long before their husbands ever notice. This is where there is a big problem because, by the time the men notice, it is often too late.

There are some specific signs that a wife has emotionally and mentally checked out of a marriage. Any of these can mean that divorce is inevitable:

Lack of affection

A woman who is done with her marriage isn’t going to want to have physical contact with her husband. This might manifest with changes only in the bedroom because she might opt to keep up with small signs of affection in front of the kids.

Seemingly sudden changes

A woman’s demeanor will change when she is fed up with the marriage. This is often at the end of the marital road, but the truth is that it didn’t happen overnight. The changes have been a long time coming, but the man only noticed them when they became significant.

No meaningful communication

A marriage has to be based on open communication. When she isn’t willing to speak to her husband any longer about anything other than the household points or the children, there is a serious issue.

Shared activities don’t exist

It is acceptable for spouses to have a life outside of the marriage, but there should also be shared interests. When those shared interests wane, problems are likely brewing in the marriage.

When the end of the marriage is inevitable, you must take steps to protect yourself. You can’t count on the other party to be fair or to help you through this situation. Instead, learn about your options and determine what you are going to do to move forward.

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