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Same-sex marriage prompts Marylanders to prep for more divorce

The results of the recent Election Day in Maryland have brought about the prospect of a reality that thousands of residents have been hoping for – legal same-sex marriage. The vote in Maryland, along with a similar vote in Maine, has been lauded as another major step forward for the rights and privileges of gay couples and individuals. Many did not waste any time proceeding with wedding plans.

However, one important aspect of this landmark vote that is not exactly receiving the same amount of coverage in the media is the issue that goes hand-in-hand with marriage – divorce. The legal ability of same-sex couples to go through with getting married will also open up questions that only heterosexual married couples have been dealing with throughout the years. Gay divorces, which history and statistics tell us are virtually certain to occur, will also have these couples fighting through important decisions, such as the division of property, and potentially child custody and child support issues.

At the immediate outset, however, there may be a rush to obtain legal advice in regard to pre-nuptial agreements. Couples who can come to an agreement on the division of assets before the wedding takes place could allow themselves to sidestep many of the trickiest problems associated with a divorce, in the event a marriage ends that way.

While the proponents of same-sex marriage are still reveling in their victory at the ballot box, many others are preparing for the ancillary effects the legalization of same-sex marriage will have. After all, with more Maryland residents expected to take the plunge now that they will be legally allowed to do so, many other people and businesses are expected to benefit as well. More wedding cakes, more reception hall bookings, and, unfortunately, more divorce.

Source: Washington Business Journal, “Maryland same-sex marriage expected to boost cake shops, wedding venues,” Sarah Meehan, Nov. 7, 2012

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