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Creative custody solutions are sometimes best for the children

Determining the best parenting plan for your children is difficult. Not only do you have to decide what you think is best, but you also have to listen to what your ex thinks is appropriate. This can be challenging because you must agree on the major components of the plan in order to come up with good custody solutions.

As you are working through the matters, remember that there might be more than one option that will work. Sometimes, creative custody solutions are the ones that work the best. By thinking about what the children need, you can work to make those happen. Just remember that you can’t think about what is best for you or hardest for your ex.

When you are in negotiations with your ex, don’t automatically discount the suggestions they are making. Even though your marriage or relationship didn’t work out, your ex probably does want what’s best for the kids. Their manner of making it happen might just be a bit different from yours.

Of course, you have to keep the safety and health of your children in mind. You should always feel free to refuse suggestions that could harm the children. For example, if your ex wants to allow a child to remain home alone after school, but you know the child isn’t ready, speak up.

We know that this isn’t an easy situation for a parent to be placed in. As you work through the process of coming up with the plan, remember to consider the children’s current needs. There is always the option of modifying the order later if the situation needs to change as one of the custody solutions.

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