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Help your children transition between 2 homes

Children often have difficulties adjusting to life after their parents’ divorce. One of the hardest things they have to do is try to learn how to live in two homes. In the past, they were secure in one home. With the divorce, they have to adjust to a new place with one parent. It is up to the parents to help the kids make this transition as easy as possible.

Some children have trouble with the new arrangements because they feel like they shouldn’t be happier in one home than the other. They might worry that neither parent wants to hear about the fun times they had with the other parent. Let your children know that you enjoy finding out about the good memories they had at the other house. This might help them to feel more secure in their situation.

Another challenge that they sometimes have is trying to adjust to the different rules. While you and your ex will likely have some that aren’t the same, it might help the children if the main rules are consistent. Maybe they have to finish homework before they are allowed to go play video games or go out to play in the neighborhood. Bedtime is another point that might need to remain the same in both homes.

When you are trying to figure out what is going to work for your children, you will need to communicate with your ex. Discussing what each parent is observing might benefit everyone since it enables you to make adjustments as necessary. Of course, the matters in the parenting plan should remain as written unless there is a modification.

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