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Child custody dispute resolution is challenging

Making decisions for your children is sometimes the most difficult thing that parents have to deal with. When you have a child custody case, you and your ex will need to find ways to work together so that you can always do what the children need. There are times when this will bring up disputes, but there should be clear plans for addressing those. We know that this is a challenge, but there are options that might help you in these situations.

One technique that you can use is to have dispute resolution terms set in the parenting plan. These don’t have to be complex, but they should include a general set of rules that you and your ex will abide by when trying to work things out.

The basis of any resolution method has to be respected. Neither adult should be allowed to treat the other one with disrespect. Neither should have an attitude. Both should be free to take a break to gather their composure when necessary without the other one continuing to try to discuss the matter.

Another term to be included is that the communication must be direct. It can’t be channeled through the children or other family members. There are times when you might have to work with a mediator or another professional, but that should be the limit to outsiders who are brought into the dispute.

We know that you might need to find creative ways to set the parenting plan, so it meets your child’s needs and avoids child custody disputes. As experienced family law attorneys, We are here to help you find those and get the parenting plan in place.

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